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Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute Youth, also known as “MARI Youth,” is a new branch at the Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute Organization, a non-profit research organization based in the United States. The MARI Youth branch represents the values we want to uphold for the youth members joining us from various high schools across United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and all around the world. The word YOUTH Stands for Youth Opportunity to Uplift, Train, and Hope. Youth, are the future, and if we want to see changes in the future, we have to start supporting and believing in our youth today. At MARI Youth, we recruit student volunteers from high schools and offer them a chance to learn about STEM fields and conduct research.

About MARI

The Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institution, also known as MARI, is a research organization, established by Dr. Pooya Beigi MD, dedicated to conducting research on “Misdiagnosis,” “Error in Treatment,” “Malpractice,” and overall, all errors happening in the healthcare and medical fields. Through our work and our publications, we aim to remove the limitations and boundaries placed on healthcare and improve quality of life by providing excellent and equitable care to all.

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