mari youth

REMY (Research Education for MARI Youth) is a research program designed by the MARI Youth Team to create the opportunity for youth such as high school students to conduct research about different topics during the summer months. In this project youth are guided by university students also known as the MARI YOUTH mentors. Through the project they attend workshops to learn how to conduct academic research, write articles and further university skills. Ultimately, the end goals of REMY is to publish the young researchers articles, and create the opportunity for youth and mentors to advance in the STEM field. We encourage youth to make a difference in the world with their knowledge and research and inspire future scientists. 


Healthy MYnds

We held a Summer Research Program called REMY (Research Education for MARI Youth). This year’s project theme was mental health, and the project wad called “Healthy MYnds (MARI Youth Minds)”. Youth had a chance to conduct their own research on the most common mental health issues that youth may experience and how to achieve a “Healthy Mynd” during the current global pandemic.

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